Greenology turns problem materials into power and value! Striving for solutions and not pollution, this forward thinking, green business is all about recycling materials such as tyres and turning them into marine-grade oil. World-leading technology has brought the launch of this new end-of-life tyre recycling plant created by Greenology, following an investment from us here at Racz Group.

Greenology is a world leading de-polymerisation plant, processing upto 26,000 tonnes of end of life single stream tyres (ELT’s) into valuable bi-products. No magic wand needed, just Pyrolysis. This is a process of decomposition by high temperatures. If you’re looking for a responsible reaction for your tyres, Greenology can offer you tyre collection, site clearance, shredding, baling, compacting - a full-circle solution for your tyre needs.

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Our owner Mike Racz has teamed up with Greenology as investor, partner and director on equal footing. Greenology shares the same values as us here at Racz group and we believe in the amazing work they’re doing and their incredible potential.

We are proud to be a part of something special. Greenology are currently working to be the first company to deal with other non recyclables using this model including being the first in the world to deal with wind turbine blades that are currently unrecyclable and sent to landfill.

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