Core ideology

We have a passion for building businesses and developing people to come with us on an exciting and ever changing journey.

As a company we aspire to bring new business concepts in areas sometimes neglected by investment and to shake up the town we enter into.

Our VISION is to become the largest company based in the North East of England by turnover and number of team members; we believe that by investing in our teams and our communities we can continue to grow.

We pride ourselves on knowing what our customers want, providing a high standard of service, creating an experience at all times. Providing services in the B to C sector day and night, from keeping fit, to a chat and a coffee. We exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

We see the world and conduct our duties with incurable optimism driven by indomitable will to change the business climate in the areas we enter.

Our PURPOSE is to bring fun, color and new life to our neighborhood, paving the way for new exciting business business opportunities and career paths for our people.

Our Values

Always act with Integrity
  • Always have the confidence to be open, offering full and honest opinions.
  • Confidence to speak to anyone throughout the organisation.
  • Offering the real picture on any situation with no cover ups or pretense.
Always act in the best interests of the business
  • Act and make decisions that are within the best interest of the business as a whole.
  • Don’t be selfish or single minded.
  • Protect the business, the brands and its employees.
  • Prioritise time to its full potential for the business needs.
If you criticise you have to be willing to offer a solution 
  • No moaning.
  • Actively support the decision and plans of the group.
  • Always offer an educated solution or alternative idea to problems.
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